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See below for agreed goals, team and actions.
We will use the LGM mailing list for further communication.
Everyone sign up at:

Timoty Giet
Ale Rimoldi
Loius Dejardin
Femke Snelting
Maria Leandro
Camille Bissuel
Øyvind Kolås
Jon Nordby
Sirko Kemter
Mario Behling
Dave Crossland

- Organization
 - local team LGM event
 - remote, more continiously for supporting local team in events
- Proposals for LGM2014, decision making process

Main part
How can we faciliate a 'new' local team. Femke and Louis have hard earned
information, how do we transfer it to them.
Especially, which things does the "remote" team do, and which must the
local team do
Femke: Create wiki existed, was useful for this purpose
- allowing new people to understanding the spirit, feel and purpose of LGM.
Structure, format
some things are different from time to time, but others stay the same
in a new place, it would be neccesary to adapt
In 2010, unsure if she had the authority to make certain decision

Organize hacking sessions more Making formally part of event,
Next to no proposals for project meetings this
A bit more focused activity
Increases transparency

Proposal from Ale, table for teams in the hacking area. Can have logbook
where people sign in.
Have to be careful in not reducing the focus on cross-team meeting
Team internal meeting does not happen that often

Formal structure of LGM organization

Currently we use a local partner organization
What requirements do we have from these (problems that require a legal
- visa applications.
- legal responsibility. Building, insurances, etc


- Have decision on LGM2014 venue by May 15th. Decision made on IRC.
The group decides unless not able to get 2/3 majority. In that case, vote
through past LGM participants + CREATE list.
- Have all travel money secured 3 months before the event.
- The deadline for proposing a LGM2015, 3 months LGM2014.

infrastructure = [Ale,Camille]. Purpose: Make sure we have working website,
internal communication tool, access to social media accounts
marketing = [Hong-Phuc,Maria,Mario] Purpose: Website content, Social media,
Press release
sponsorship = [Nathan,Sirko,Louis] Purpose: Secure money for the event.
travelassistance = [Mario], Purpose: Make sure people who want to come, can
content = [Jon,Øyvind,Femke,Aleksandre?,Ale]. Purpose: Make sure we have
the right presentations, workshops, people.
lgm2015 = [Louis]

- [Ale] Start getting the information in CREATE wiki out. Announce when
- [infrastucture] Create a solution for sharing of documents
- April 20th, [Louis,Maria] Verify the list of requirements for the local
organization team,
and make it available to the people who want to propose
- [sponsorship] Write a sponsor prospect
- [Femke] Document lessons from LGM2013
- [Louis,Maria,Mario,Dave]. Send email to prospective local teams, saying
we will give a requirement list. Montreal,Medjin,Leipzig,BouenesAires

Jon Nordby - www.jonnor.com

Jon Nordby - www.jonnor.com
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