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Tue Apr 16 01:00:22 PDT 2013

Hi all,

I'm moving this conversation on the libregraphicsmeeting list for the sake
of organization ;)
So, for the wiki re-birth task, as decided during the LGM-organiser meet,
ale and I are working on it, but I've just landed home yesterday, and ale
will not be able to work on it before tomorrow ;p

To simplify infrastructure and usage, we'd like to have everything on the
same system for the LGM website. As the website is currently done with
Wordpress, and it look like a viable solution for the future, we propose to
gather old wiki pages to Wordpress, creating a "documentation" section, and
add simple wiki features to thoses pages with a Wordpress plugin like this
one : http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/pencil-wiki/

Is this solution look ok for everyone ? Do you prefer a "real" wiki
solution, which one (Mediawiki ?), and why ?

In any case, we will need a few days to move things, and the first step is
to gain full admin access to the website for us.
In the meantime, please use the Wayback machine, as pippin said earlier
(thanks again pippin) :

we keep you updated anyway !

2013/4/15 Louis Desjardins <louis.desjardins at gmail.com>

> Hi,
> Thanks, Øyvind, for retrieving this info!
> Can someone take the task of putting all these pages on a new wiki (say,
> LGM wiki)?
> There has been *lots* of work to gather the info present on the Create
> wiki at the time and this was put there after lengthy discussions on IRC
> and on the Mailing list. The guidelines certainly need to be revisited from
> time to time but the core info is there and should inspire the decision
> making process. We need to avoid "spontaneous generation" or loss of
> memory! :-)
> Infos will be updated after we have our own wiki.
> Anybody?
> Thanks!
> Louis
> 2013/4/13 Øyvind Kolås <pippin at gimp.org>
>>  The easiest way to find the content, which used to be in the create /
>> LGM wiki is to surf via the wayback machine :)
>> http://web.archive.org/web/20110820232948/http://create.freedesktop.org/wiki/Conference_2011
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