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*"Institutions will try to preserve the problem to which they are the
solution." -- Clay Shirky*


Ten years ago open source projects faced a long list of barriers to entry.
Source hosting was a pain in the ass. Wiki hosting, Mailing List hosting,
bug tracking, all of these things we can now take for granted were actually
quite hard to set up and maintain as recently as 5 years ago.

- http://www.futurealoof.com/posts/apache-considered-harmful.html, November

I suggest the using a git repo of markdown page contents and using jeykll
or a similar light weight page building tool to host the LGM site, and a
git based wiki system In both cases, it means the information will be as
deeply and as widely  distributed as possible - a complete copy of the
entire development history of the information will be retained by every
contributor. That means it is quick and easy to re-host the information
should anything go awry. If the infrastructure team is going to have to set
up a new site (be it another WordPress, or a MediaWiki, or whatever) and
archive the old sites as static pages, this approach can handle that well
too; jeykll and such sites will pass HTML files straight through.

I note that GitHub offers convenient, gratis hosting of both such sites; it
is resilient to spam; is extensively documented and therefore inclusive of
drive-by contributions, and it is increasingly widely used by libre
software projects for their homepage and wiki needs for these reasons.
Using GitHub would also make the LGM infrastructure team's job rather
trivial. If the team wishes to maintain a web host, I still think git +
markdown + jeykll is a good way to go.
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