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Am Mittwoch, 17. April 2013, 02:37:17 schrub stdin | Alexandre Leray:


> > On the Wordpress vs Mediawiki debate, we think about it, and Wordpress
> > 
> > win because :
> >   * a real wiki is a lot much more work to maintain (it's not a one man
> >   
> >     job), mainly because a wiki is more sensitive to spam and security
> >     problem, and also because it's harder to organize after a few years
> It is true that the installations of it I use are subject to spam,
> although at a low rate. But the wordpress install I use are too. I don't
> know so much about the maintenance of mediawiki so I don't know how
> harder it is to prevent spam on it, as compared to wordpress.
> On the organization side, you are true that it is important to garden
> wikis. But isn't it the price to pay for a richness of contributions :)
> So I'm not sure the wordpress + plugin helps here if it happens to drawn
> the same amount of activity. Could we imagine that someone is take care
> of keeping this place neat?

I spent quite some time in the past to keep the German gimpforum wiki clean. 
In the end I gave up. However, if editing required registration and if 
registration was moderated that would make things really simple.


> Alex

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