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María Leandro tatadbb at gmail.com
Wed Apr 17 04:16:42 PDT 2013

Hello all.

after checking the wiki[0] I could add a few points, as you people said,
it's almost there. I will just add things that I think could be add in each

I think it would be great if we can have a solid form that people can fill
within the next 2/3 days, Probably not enough time, but we will see

========== Venue Selection Guidelines ==========

* Ethical/Political Issues
* Security
* Health
* Free Software Acceptance or Support in the Host Country
* Money
     - Short list of potential local and foreign sponsors with someone
listed as contact, which in this case could make easier the international
group to make a follow up of sponsorship status.
* Time
     - To time, it should be add the possibility of colliding events with
the estimated dates where LGM would be hold.
* The LGM Projects’ teams
* The Local Teams
* Venue and On-Site Infrastructure
     - Even if would be better to have a gratis venue, if so, costs should
be added as info.
* Accommodation
     - Maps showing a list of hotels, hospitals and other important
* Environment


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