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2013/4/17 Dave Crossland <dave at lab6.com>

> On 17 April 2013 10:20, ale rimoldi <a.l.e at ideale.ch> wrote:
> > a mixed solution with a *pad (collaborative working +
> > archeology) and wordpress (structured and "production" documents).
> I think pads are great for synchronous collaborative editing, and
> having the "production" documents served from MarkDown files in a git
> repo means to have a synchronous session, one copies the production
> txt file into a pad, has a real time session with the others, and then
> checks in the new txt file to the git repo.
> WordPress has MarkDown support for posts, of course, but how is the
> database being backed up? With git, everyone has a complete backup at
> all times.

Let me throw my half-penny here! ;-)

Backing-up a WP database takes a few secs for a non-pro like myself (and
can probably run with a script?).

We can also pull the content as an XML file at all times.

And we can pull the data from the forms too.

> The only problem with this is that the LGM site wants to offer forms
> which a static site won't offer.

We need those forms. In the actual website, they are quite easy to create,
edit and manage as well as to pull data from and process. Any other
solution would have to address this in a similar manner.

>From the organiser perspective, we have to deal with so many non-technical
issues that it boils down to how convenient is it to use, update the
information, react quickly on our own without depending on anybody else, no
matter what the time zone is.

We have to make a clear distinction between short-time infos and long-time
infos. Some things will need to be carried over from year to year, some
won’t. I am not at all a specialist but if we tag the data with a "year"
tag, we should be able to retrieve anything of that specific year. On the
other hand, stuff like the needs for an LGM to be organised and the
follow-up on decisions we make, the guidelines, etc. have to be accessible
at all times.

Personnally, having used the actual WP solution for 3 years now, I must say
that it has been a pleasure to use. It’s as easy as one can dream. It’s
efficient. From time to time we need the help from the technical side
(updates, new plug-ins, new year, back-up, etc.) but this never affects the
efficiency of the solution, at any times.

BTW, we used to have the Create Wiki and the WP solution and this made no
real problem. So the way to go might be to make use of a combination of the
tools we need. If one tool can’t do it all, then let’s use more.

As for the server, I think it would not be that difficult to get a
sponsored one and I believe that the one we use already is. Ale or Mrdocs
will know more about this.


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