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Hello Maria, Louis

Thank you for refreshing these guidelines!

On 17/04/13 18:27, Louis Desjardins wrote:
> 2013/4/17 María Leandro <tatadbb at gmail.com <mailto:tatadbb at gmail.com>>
>     Hello all.
>     after checking the wiki[0] I could add a few points, as you people said, it's almost there. I will just add things that I think could be add in each section.
>     I think it would be great if we can have a solid form that people can fill within the next 2/3 days, Probably not enough time, but we will see
>     ========== Venue Selection Guidelines ==========
>     * Ethical/Political Issues
>     * Security
>     * Health
>     * Free Software Acceptance or Support in the Host Country
>     * Money
>           - Short list of potential local and foreign sponsors with someone listed as contact, which in this case could make easier the international group to make a follow up of sponsorship status.
>     * Time
>           - To time, it should be add the possibility of colliding events with the estimated dates where LGM would be hold.
>     * The LGM Projects’ teams
>     * The Local Teams
>     * Venue and On-Site Infrastructure
>           - Even if would be better to have a gratis venue, if so, costs should be added as info.
> The ideal scenario for this is to have a large university to host us.

... or a large art-space. Useful for connections with local artists, designers, cultural organisations, schools i.e. "Materialising LGM’s philosophy".

> They basically have everything in terms of infrastructure : auditorium, bandwidth and wireless access (this is often an issue when not in such buildings where the IT dept is ready for tens of thousands of students everyday — then LGM people are not an extraordinary charge of the network but in fact a drop in the ocean! we don’t make any difference!), power, rooms for meetings, larger rooms workshops and displays, coffee break, etc. And this is free. It’s always negotiable to have the maintenance included into the "package". In Montreal, all those services were offered at no charge. Same happened in Wroc/ł/aw and Vienna. For Brussels, I cannot tell and I don’t know about Media Lab as well, but Femke can tell us.

All venue-related costs were carried by the host organisation both in Brussels and in Madrid. So LGM has been hosted for free since 2006!

> Louis
>     * Accommodation
>           - Maps showing a list of hotels, hospitals and other important information.
>     * Environment
>     [0] http://web.archive.org/web/20110820232948/http://create.freedesktop.org/wiki/Conference_2011#Guidelines_for_organising_LGM
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