[LGM] Gathering feedback

Louis Desjardins louis.desjardins at gmail.com
Wed Apr 17 13:24:28 PDT 2013

Hi all,

I will put together a form to get feedback from the participants.

It needs to be a quick survey, usable, quotable, etc. and that takes 2-3
minutes to fill.

I have here from Prokoudine and Jonnor the following proposals that could
be made into a form.

Do we add them or do we pick one or the other?

Ask attendees of LGM2013 for feedback:
Field 1: What was great?
Field 2: What sucked?
Field 3: What should've happened and was completely missed by organizers?

We would appreciate if you would write a few sentences about your
experience of this years Libre Graphics Meeting.
Field 1: Did you get any new perspectives?
Field 2: Did you meet any inspiring people?
Field 3: Did you get to discuss and solve problems not possible without
being in the same room?
Field 4: Links to photos, blog posts or similar are also great.
We plan to use this in a summary of this years event, to tell the world
what LGM is about.

I would add a phrase like this:
When submitting, you fully agree that we use your testimony to promote the

Do we need a licence for those comments?

Something else?


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