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2013/4/23 María Leandro <tatadbb at gmail.com>

> Hello all.
> The idea to make decisions in advance is the path to take, however, we
> didn't start with it till this year, so I guess that knowing that a lot of
> people already had a pretty strong idea of where LGM 2015 will be, during
> LGM2014 we could easily choose the location for 2016. However, this is not
> the case of 2014 since the guidelines and further documentation is just
> starting to be written and organized.

Hi Maria,

The guidelines were written during the weeks that followed LGM 2010 in

They helped us make the decision for 2011 and they helped us again for 2012.

Before the end of 2012, we had 2 proposals for 2013, one for Montreal and
one for Madrid. We unanimously decided to go to Madrid because there was an
extraordinary occasion that we didn’t want to miss and we had the head
organiser from Brussels behind it, Femke, who knew deeply LGM for years. We
had a short meeting together in Vienna to discuss this opportunity and we
rapidly came to the same conclusion and were ready to make a proposal to
the participants. We proposed to postpone Montreal (and the altermance
between Europe and North America) for one year, for that excellent reason
and everyone was quite happy with the decision!

A few days before LGM 2013 started I replied on the mailing list to the
question where we’d go in 2014. To me that was only a confirmation of what
I knew already.

Why we are still in the process of choosing the venue for 2014 is beyond me!

We should be in the 2015 process. And this is exactly why I suggested
Berlin (but I am perfectly ok with Leipzig as well, or any other venue we’d
like to discuss) for the 10th LGM. I thought it would be great to be in the
GIMP home since LGM has started as an extension to the GIMP yearly meeting
in Lyon in 2006. It was only a suggestion and we have plenty of time to
make a decision.

Ten years of LGM is something we’d like to celebrate!!!

Now, things could (or should) have been *more* clear. But it doesn’t mean
they were not clear!

 This will be different in subsequent years! From our last meeting, I took
charge of the process and we’ll know months before where we go in 2015 and
we’ll make the "drum roll" announcement on the last day of LGM 2014 !!! I
promise that, however I hope someone else could carry the snare drum! :-)
And yes, we’ll start the process for 2016 in a timely manner too.

Welcome to the new comers!


>> But I think Medellin, Montreal and Leipzig are all still strong candidates
>> at this time.
> Indeed, from all the cities mentioned at LGM13 those were the most liked;
> so I guess next venue will definitely be at one of those cities.
> see ya.
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