[LGM] Proposal for the 2015 selection process

Dave Crossland dave at lab6.com
Wed Apr 24 08:17:22 PDT 2013


Based on Andreas Vox's proposal (in the 'Direct me to wrap up of
previous LGMs' thread) I offer another proposal for the 2015
selection, which allows for more remote participation. I welcome
further proposals in this thread :-)


1.a. there’s an official call for next LGM proposals between the
previous LGM and the January of the current LGM (ie, anytime from
today until December 31st 2013)
1.b.- the proposals are drafted publicly on the wiki/etherpad/etc
1.c. the proposals are submitted to the LGM committee through a form
provided on the LGM website before December 31st 2013

2.a. “the committee” reviews the proposals and asks for clarifications
and re-submissions before January 15th 2014

3.a. “the committee” meets on IRC and reviews the final proposals and
asks for clarifications on February 1st 2014

4.a. on the evening of the first day of the current LGM we have a
session where every proposal gets a 10 minute talk
4.b. this talk is streamed live and available online within 24 hours,
using Google Hangouts On Air or something similar

5.a. on the last day of the current LGM there is a segment of the main
event's schedule for a dual LGM-IRC meeting to vote on the proposals
that were presented on the first day
5.b. the IRC chanel uses something like http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot
to record the meeting minutes
5.c. the LGM auditorium's projector screen shows an IRC client in the channel
5.d. all voting is done via IRC


open selection process, everyone can get involved even if they can't
attend the LGM physically

detailed proposals are submitted and reviewed before the LGM itself


decision is again made only one year ahead  (instead of 15 months)

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