[LGM] Please give us a Wiki to organize LGM

a.l.e a.l.e at ideale.ch
Wed Dec 4 13:01:54 PST 2013

hi tobias,

nice to hear that you want to publish your notes!

we had a lgm wiki for several years and it was more or less a write only
platform (spam inclusive).
i've made the same experience with other project wikis.
that's why i'm preferring the more structured way of
publishing/collecting information by using wordpress.

on top of it, we were already using wordpress for the website, so we
could restrict ourself to one single platform. an advantage, when the
resources are limited.

if there are valid reasons to use a wiki instead/in parallel, i'm not
against setting up one.
please tell us, which wiki engine you would like to use, too.

but i would love it, if you first try to add your information to the
lgm/ wordpress... it's not that different from a wiki...
ping me if you need an account.


p.s.: i'm no wordpress guy, i was not involved in the choice of
wordpress for the lgm site and i'm experimenting a lot (and liking it)
with markdown and publishing through git/github.
on the other hand, wordpress has been working good enough for us for
several years now... so i have no reason to bash it, either.

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