[LGM] Please give us a Wiki to organize LGM

Camille Bissuel cbissuel at gmail.com
Thu Dec 5 00:06:49 PST 2013

plus we can add some small features to wordpress if requested, for example :

Have a nice day,

2013/12/4 a.l.e <a.l.e at ideale.ch>

> hi tobias,
> nice to hear that you want to publish your notes!
> we had a lgm wiki for several years and it was more or less a write only
> platform (spam inclusive).
> i've made the same experience with other project wikis.
> that's why i'm preferring the more structured way of
> publishing/collecting information by using wordpress.
> on top of it, we were already using wordpress for the website, so we
> could restrict ourself to one single platform. an advantage, when the
> resources are limited.
> if there are valid reasons to use a wiki instead/in parallel, i'm not
> against setting up one.
> please tell us, which wiki engine you would like to use, too.
> but i would love it, if you first try to add your information to the
> lgm/ wordpress... it's not that different from a wiki...
> ping me if you need an account.
> ciao
> a.l.e
> p.s.: i'm no wordpress guy, i was not involved in the choice of
> wordpress for the lgm site and i'm experimenting a lot (and liking it)
> with markdown and publishing through git/github.
> on the other hand, wordpress has been working good enough for us for
> several years now... so i have no reason to bash it, either.
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