[LGM] Please give us a Wiki to organize LGM

Tobias Ellinghaus houz at gmx.de
Wed Dec 18 02:02:45 PST 2013

Am Montag, 16. Dezember 2013, 16:53:46 schrieb ale rimoldi:
> hi tobias,

Hi ale.

> i understand your silence as a lack of will to put the content into the
> lgm/ wordpress instance.

I understood the question about the difference between a blog system/CMS and a 
Wiki as a joke since these are clearly completely different things.

> so, please suggest a wiki you would like to see installed, what kind of
> content should be in there, and who is supposed to fill it.
> we will see if we, then, can install it.
> and if not, please go on, create a wiki on a separate site, give us a
> the link and, with a bit of luck people interested in it, could copy
> paste the content into the lgm/ wordpress.

I already set it up at http://houz.org/LGM/wiki/ – if anyone wants an account 
he/she can tell me. The content is not really meant to be copied around, that 
is life data that is changed all the time.

> have a nice evening
> a.l.e

Same to you,

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