[LGM] Please give us a Wiki to organize LGM

ale rimoldi a.l.e at ideale.ch
Wed Dec 18 03:10:22 PST 2013


> > i understand your silence as a lack of will to put the content into
> > the lgm/ wordpress instance.
> I understood the question about the difference between a blog
> system/CMS and a Wiki as a joke since these are clearly completely
> different things.

yep, life is a joke: that's why we're using a blog system as a cms...
and you want to use a wiki as an organizational tool...

all in all, blog system, cms and wiki and whatnot are almost the same,
they mostly don't do what you want and you have to bend them to become 
something you can use...

> I already set it up at http://houz.org/LGM/wiki/

i'll have a look at it, and if i found something i think is interesting
for the long term, i'll copy it into

other people can do the same...


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