[LGM] About promoting LGM and Interactivos?

Femke Snelting snelting at collectifs.net
Mon Jan 7 11:41:56 PST 2013

>     We can share a pad with a list of the main sites, mailing lists and artists contacted so far for the purpose of the call, which is our main focus right now. I've asked Femke to remind me the link to the pad so hopefuly we can start working on that very soon.
>     Regarding Pledgie, is the Campaign already online?

Alexandre, should someone take this over for you?

> Was there a link to the pad?  Maybe I missed it in another thread.

I think I missed the hint ;-) http://lgru.pad.constantvzw.org:8000/119 -- not much there yet

But I'm happy to fill in any missing sites/news-outlets I know of.  I can add it to LWN's calendar myself, but an announcement to publish will be even better.  We also just added a CFP calendar, here: https://lwn.net/Calendar/Monthly/cfp/  so we should get LGM on that as well.

Nice. I added an announcement to the same pad; please edit!


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