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Camille Bissuel cbissuel at yagraph.org
Thu Jun 6 23:42:41 PDT 2013

Hi Greg,

I fully agree with your proposal, and wish it will not vanish in summer
holidays !
By the way, can someone explain me why we haven't announced Leipzig yet ?
Who Is supposed to do that, and does this person need access to our website

a quick proposal, to have a base for discussion :
April : LGM and final vote for next year LGM.
LGM Closure talk : announce for next year location
May : Call for submission for year + 2
September :  Call again ;)
Beginning of December : Call closure and First online selection (ask for
more details if needed), publish candidates on the LGM website
February : Second online selection (list must be reduced to 2 or 3
candidates with no unanswered responses)
April : LGM and final vote for next year LGM. And so on.

What do you think about this calendar ? Is it enough time for candidates to
prepare their LGM ?


2013/6/5 Gregory Pittman <gpittman at iglou.com>

> I would like to start a discussion on the process for deciding about the
> site for LGM 2015. The distance of time gives us an opportunity to
> consider how it should best be done, but at the same time, we should be
> arriving at LGM 2014 with a clear favorite or favorites, so that the
> discussion and decision at LGM 2014 can have the greatest meaning. I
> have always felt uncomfortable with the decisions made after the
> meetings, since there is some justification to suggestions that the
> decision then gets made by a small group.
> It would seem to me that we can extrapolate the process we at least
> attempted to use for LGM 2014, whereby some future date is set to have
> submissions, which can then be vetted for completeness, some additional
> time allowed to supply any needed information, and then another meeting
> held to narrow down the field to perhaps 1 or 2 finalists.
> This should be done in sufficient time that the results can be posted to
> this list before LGM 2014, and also there be one or more pages on the
> LGM 2014 website which also contains this information for review prior
> to the meeting.
> One weakness of making "the" decision at LGM 2014 is that we lack the
> presence of those who might like to attend LGM 2015 but have not made it
> to LGM 2014, so at the least we ought to consider one or more ways to
> get input from this collection of people. This could be some sort of
> "live" presence, of course, but could also be commentary sent in prior
> to the meeting for review by those attending the meeting.
> I intentionally haven't put any dates in this proposal, since the
> process needs some discussion first.
> Greg Pittman
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