[LGM] announcing LGM 2014?

Gregory Pittman gpittman at iglou.com
Wed Jun 26 17:51:16 PDT 2013

On 06/26/2013 06:12 PM, Manuel Schmalstieg wrote:
> Well, taking myself as an example, I don't have any *specific*
> question to ask that I could write to the list ... but I would happily
> hang out for an hour on an IRC channel with other LGM folks, and just
> listen to what people are saying, see what ideas and plans are
> crystallizing, maybe chat with some LGM Madrid attendees.
> Doing it on IRC would have some clear advantages:
> - you and other future Leipzig staff members can have a useful team discussion.
> - other LGM community members can ask informal questions and chat a bit.
> - no mailboxes will get spammed in the process (if important things
> are said, we can always re-post to the list).
> - low-involvement community members (who are to shy to write to the
> list) will get an opportunity to become more deeply involved :)
> Indeed it's early, and I assume there aren't so many practical things
> to ask/discuss yet. It's rather about keeping the pace, the energy,
> and enabling communication among the community. I think the Madrid
> event was a very strong moment, where people from many different areas
> and locations connected and had good talks. Having something like a
> monthly IRC hangout could help to keep those connections alive.
> It's not necessarily your duty to organize this, but I think you're in
> a perfect position to simply choose a date (some Friday or Saturday
> evening, Leipzig time zone, sometime in July) and announce it, and it
> will just launch the process.
Maybe a place to start after finding out who has the "power", is to 
change the channel topic to mention LGM 2014 in Leipzig. Then the plans 
for a stakeout at the channel could be added so that as people drift by, 
they are reminded about the upcoming date (and time range).


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