[LGM] hello LGM2014 content team!

Christoph Haag christoph at listen.lafkon.net
Tue Nov 19 10:12:39 PST 2013

On 19/11/13 18:48, Øyvind Kolås wrote:
> The purpose of these categories/parameters the way I proposed them is
> about distinguishing the type of talks/content from each other.

I forgot to mention where these categories came from (distinguishing the 
type of talks). But while trying to combine these 'indicators' with the 
logo 'flags/m', I thought, they might as well serve as a well suited 
subline for lgm (perhaps with some more precision needed), to give a 
first/rapid impression what to expect.

So the categories that were discussed also included:

 > <F_S>     art, future, demo, magic
 > <pippin>  art, tech, future, demo, magic ?
 > <F_S>     art, code, future, demo, magic ?
 >           typophility?
 >           art, logic and liveness
 > <pippin>  jonnor-work2: "magic: As yet unexplained,
 >           or too complicated to explain;
 >           compare {automagically} and (Arthur C.)
 >           Clarke's Third Law: Any sufficiently advanced
 >           technology is indistinguishable from magic." :p

> I definetly want to have the cateogry of how much live demonstration, be
> it live-coding, actual use of tools or similar there is. The dimension
> you seem to be referring to should be covered by the "artistic"
> slider/dimension - this needs to be clarified. Maybe "artistic" should
> be replaced with "design" - or "visual".

On 19/11/13 18:28, ale rimoldi wrote:
 > is is inspired by past feedback from LGMers that are into
 > graphics design but do not consider themselves artists..

I experienced that in english the differentiation between artist and 
designer is handled a bit different than in it is for example in german 
(gestalter <-> künstler), but I am not a native speaker and maybe it 
does not matter at all, because the meeting is in Germany.

> There is one thing I am opposed to though, that is the use of the
> terms "designer" and "developer" in the call for content, in use these
> categories seem to be mutually exclusive and encourage a
> divide/tribalism that I consider undesirable at LGM.

Best regards,

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