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2013/11/21 Christoph Haag <christoph at listen.lafkon.net>

> On 19/11/13 18:48, Øyvind Kolås wrote:
>> I definetly want to have the cateogry of how much live demonstration, be
>> it live-coding, actual use of tools or similar there is.
This brings me to the thoughts that we kind of stress a lot about the
*results* we can get from the various tools we use but one of the things I
find is of *most* interest of the eco-system of LGM projects is the
*process* and not only the result. Live demo means we’re going to follow a
process in many steps. That’s interesting. Live-coding can mean a lot to
non-coders too. The process is where we can actually see the creativity be
deployed before our eyes. It’s a *not-to-miss* opportunity.

In this state of mind, the experience of Manufactura Independente puts some
interesting light.

And of course, certainly, lots of others!


> Do you have some very specific project in mind or an example? Because I am
> wandering if it's rephrased a bit e.g. live(-action),non-static,interactive
> it would also apply to projects like openframeworks, processing and maybe
> the cfp can also be pointed towards this communities, which have afaik not
> been very present to lgm in the past.
> Best regards,
> Christoph
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