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Myriam Cea graficalibre at medialab-prado.es
Thu Nov 21 05:05:49 PST 2013

Hi everyone. I'm Myriam Cea, from Libre Graphic Station in 
Medialab-Prado, and GráficaLiebre colective ;-)) (We made the programme 
layout the last LGM)

I totally agree with the process view. Everything is a process. But I'm 
thinking in all this categories (code - art- process - magic) they were 
impermeables in the past, but we want to mix them, isn't it? We can play 
with the words like the experiences we have.
designloper   /   codemagic   /   deveartloper  /  artmagic  / magicode 

El 21/11/13 13:17, Christoph Haag escribió:
> On 21/11/13 13:08, Louis Desjardins wrote:
>> This brings me to the thoughts that we kind of stress a lot about the
>> *results* we can get from the various tools we use but one of the things
>> I find is of *most* interest of the eco-system of LGM projects is the
>> *process* and not only the result. Live demo means we’re going to follow
>> a process in many steps. That’s interesting. Live-coding can mean a lot
>> to non-coders too. The process is where we can actually see the
>> creativity be deployed before our eyes. It’s a *not-to-miss* 
>> opportunity.
> So what about:
> code - art- process - magic
> process with double meaning of 'to process' (as in computer science) 
> and 'the process' (as in evolution), without solving the art/design 
> problem.
> Best regards,
> Christoph
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Myriam Cea
graficalibre at medialab-prado.es
Estación de trabajo de GRÁFICA LIBRE

Área de Las Artes, Ayuntamiento de Madrid
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