[LGM] CFP for LGM2014

ale rimoldi a.l.e at ideale.ch
Tue Nov 26 04:13:06 PST 2013

> IIRC it was planned to get the CFP out today, however I haven't seen any
> discussions on this list about the content nor a draft for people to
> approve.
> Is there any reason this didn't happen? Can we expect to see the CFP
> soonish? After all you originally wanted to release it even earlier.
>> does anybody know who is supposed to
>> a/ write
>> b/ publish
>> the CFP?
> I have to admit that I am seriously confused now. There have been three IRC
> meetings of the content team for precisely this – the CFP. On Thursday Femke
> asked for some help on finishing the draft on this list. And according to what
> you decided in Madrid [0] the content team is
> content = [Jon,Øyvind,Femke,Aleksandre?,Ale]. Purpose: Make sure we have the
> right presentations, workshops, people.
> So you are among the people responsible for the CFP and don't know it? I hope
> that this is not the overall state of the LGM organization ...

all in all, since this is the official channel for discussions on the 
LGM organization, i don't think that it's a bad thing to ask in here.

if i look at the notes, in http://lgm2014.titanpad.com/1 i don't see who 
is responsible for finalizing and sending the call.
jon and pipping were in charge to prepare a draft.
and i've also read that femke was going to finish some tweaking on it...

personally, i think that the current "problem" is that nobody has 
"decided" that the CFP is finalized.
and i hope that the current silence means "we are all busy" and "we 
don't see any need for further changes".

so, if nobody comes up with any critics to the CFP as published on 
http://lgm2014.titanpad.com/1 (line 178), i will publish it this evening 

- on the lgm website (http://libregraphicsmeeting.org/2014/?page_id=85)
- on the create mailing list
- on g+


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