[LGM] please open a ticket when there is a problem with the website!

ale rimoldi a.l.e at ideale.ch
Wed Nov 27 00:16:24 PST 2013


sunday evening we have spent about an hour to setup a faked mod_rewrite
that allows nicer urls.
and a navigation that is using them.

i guess that yesterday somebody didn't understand how it was done and
removed the links for the navigation.

please, if you don't understand things, don't force your way through the
wordpress setup!

the way to work with it, was described in a post to this list:


to the person who has disabled the static navigation: please restore it
and fill the new pages in there.
if you need new "nice urls", just fill a ticket in:


it's not that difficult!

it's really frustrating to get insulted by people for things i can't
change, try to find an ok solution, and then seeing this just ignored
and removed.

... and knowing that i will get attacked again for this same topic.


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