[LGM] please open a ticket when there is a problem with the website!

Louis Desjardins louis.desjardins at gmail.com
Wed Nov 27 05:20:41 PST 2013

Salut Ale,

J’admire ton travail. Et ta patience.

Je ne sais pas qui est passé derrière toi pour tout briser.

Est-ce que le « vrai » mod_rewrite est toujours entre les mains de Peter

Bonne journée! :-)


2013/11/27 ale rimoldi <a.l.e at ideale.ch>

> hi
> sunday evening we have spent about an hour to setup a faked mod_rewrite
> that allows nicer urls.
> and a navigation that is using them.
> i guess that yesterday somebody didn't understand how it was done and
> removed the links for the navigation.
> please, if you don't understand things, don't force your way through the
> wordpress setup!
> the way to work with it, was described in a post to this list:
> http://lists.freedesktop.org/archives/libre-graphics-meeting/2013-November/000598.html
> to the person who has disabled the static navigation: please restore it
> and fill the new pages in there.
> if you need new "nice urls", just fill a ticket in:
> https://github.com/aoloe/lgm-wp-14/issues
> it's not that difficult!
> it's really frustrating to get insulted by people for things i can't
> change, try to find an ok solution, and then seeing this just ignored
> and removed.
> ... and knowing that i will get attacked again for this same topic.
> regards
> a.l.e
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