[LGM] Leipzig, LGM, and Bach

Gregory Pittman gpittman at iglou.com
Wed Nov 27 09:20:33 PST 2013

Not really OT.

Something I ran across recently, though I'm sure Leipzigers are fully
aware of, is Bach's Verschiedene Canones Über die ersten acht
Fundamental Noten vorheriger Arie (BWV 1087) -- 14 Canons on a Goldberg

The pertinent issue here is how this represents Bach's invention of
musical notation programming or scripting, as shown in this video:


Back in the 18th century, Bach was using an algorithmic approach! Using
old "code" in future works!

Perhaps we can find a way to bring Bach to LGM since we've already
arranged to bring LGM to Bach.


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