[LGM] url for the call for participation

ale rimoldi a.l.e at ideale.ch
Thu Nov 28 23:17:03 PST 2013

hi alexandre,

 > and the website doesn't seem to mention ticket system URL (and maybe 
rightfully so).

the ticket system is rather for internal use and i have posted its 
address multiple times on this list.

here again:


for what i am concerned, use it for all the topics that relate to the 

you can use it also for content -- as louis just did -- and, if i don't 
see any reaction i'll post in here the remarks that are to be managed by 
the editors.

personally, i have no problem in putting the address on the website but, 
as you also wrote, it's also ok the way it is.


p.s.: this list is archived and you find a link to the old mails at the 
bottom of each email.

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