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2014-04-08 7:00 GMT-04:00 Louis Desjardins <louis.desjardins at gmail.com>:

> 2014-04-08 3:59 GMT-04:00 Femke Snelting <snelting at collectifs.net>:
>> Yes!
>> I proposed to follow more or less the same procedure that we used last
>> year. People that were involved in organising LGM 2013 and volunteered for
>> organising 2014 studied the proposals and came to a consensus on what venue
>> would best suit LGM. I agree with Gregory that this should of course become
>> part of the 'permanent' info/procedures published on the LGM website. And
>> let's indeed aim for a decision for 2015 and 2016.
> Agree!
> Here's an attempt to put that procedure into steps. Comments are within
> //. Each year the LGM Venue Recommandation Committee meets to:
>    1. Review/update our list of members, who we could name the LGM Venue
>    Recommendation Committee (based on this year organisation scheme). I think
>    we should make sure all these people are still interested in taking part in
>    the decision. These people have a recommendation power. //
>    1. Side note, we had 4 more people in the list last year: Andreas Vox
>       2. Dave Neary
>       3. María Leandro
>       4. Timothée Giet //
>    2. Review the proposals and make sure that each one follows our
>    guidelines. //(Short list is already available on our website;
>    comprehensive list with explanations is on the wiki that was badly spammed
>    and thus turned off but we might be able to recover these guidelines -- we
>    should!) // Some of the bids might need clarifications so we take the time
>    to make sure we've got all the bases covered.
>    3. Discuss among us about the proposals and try to reach a consensus
>    on one venue among the proposals // (or two if we want to handle 2 years
>    this year -- a proposal that was made by Greg Pittman during last session
>    and which I agree with, also considering that that was a goal for the last
>    few years to have a 2-year process so I think we should at least explore
>    this possibility as well. Once we have entered this process, the process
>    goes on by picking one venue for the second-next year).//
>    4. If the recommendation team cannot reach a consensus, we vote and
>    aim at a majority. //There are 2 "kinds" of majority: 50+1 or 2/3. Which do
>    we pick? As a first thought, 50+1 means we're somewhat in a dilemma. Would
>    we ask the people from the communisty to give a hand by feeding more
>    thoughts or by voting in a larger audience? In any way, we'd have to ask
>    ourselves how to solve that situation if it occurs. Maybe 50+1 is perfectly
>    fine. I have no strong opinion about it.//
>    5. Publish our recommendation on the mailing list and ask if there are
>    strong objections that would make us review our mind. Deadline to do so is
>    set to {n} days. If there are valid objections we answer them in the best
>    possible way. If not, we have a decision.
>    6. Once we have a decision we publish a press release, and it's the
>    kick start!
> Hello all,

I found the guidelines in web.archive:

Main page

Old press releases could be used as templates or rephrased as new templates

It would be great if this content could be copied to a new wiki for the
organisers -- or any set of pages that we could use as a framework,
templates, model, etc.


> Before entering the process, I suggest each of the people taking part in
> the process makes a commitment to help LGM and manages to have the large
> interest of the community and the projects in mind rather than her or his
> own personnal thoughts, wishes or interest. This is to stress that we do
> have a responsibilty towards the people we "represent". I also suggest that
> we do make a commitment about the attitude we want to have on board which
> means that in the end, no matter the process and the discussions, we stand
> as a team to make the next LGM better!
> Yet to be clarified: Where do we discuss and how? If we do end up with a
> list of 25-30 people do we think this is too little, too much? And in such
> case of a  25-30 people committee, do we establish a quorum? What would it
> be? Half of the people +1? Are the content of the discussions public or
> not? I understand the outcome is public, of course, but do we openly
> discuss in an archived list? (It's a question, not a comment or a wish.)
> I think that's how we can summarize the process.
>> Combining 2014 and 2015 volunteers makes a list of 25 people:
>> Ale Rimoldi, Alexandre Prokoudine, Camille Bissuel, Femke Snelting,
>> Fridrich Strba, ginger coons, Gregory Pittman, Hong Phuc Dang, Jon Nordby,
>> Larisa Blasic, Louis Desjardins, Manuel Schmalstieg, Mario Behling, Martin
>> Owens, Michael Schumacher, Nathan Willis, Øyvind Kolås/pippin, Pat David,
>> Peter Westenberg, Sarup Banskota, Sirko Kemter/gnokii, Steve Conklin, Susan
>> Spencer, Valek Filippov.
>> http://libregraphicsmeeting.org/2014/contacts
>> http://titanpad.com/lgm2015
>> * It could of course be that you want to help out but prefer not to be
>> involved in the decision. Of course one or two people can be added if we
>> feel that the list does not represent the community (in 2013 we added
>> Alexandre Prokoudine for example). It might be that this group is too large.
>> * Last year we appointed contact persons for each location but the 2015
>> proposals are all represented with at least one person in the list above
>> (Hong Phuc, Mario for Phnom Penh; ginger for Toronto; Louis for Montreal
>> and Larisa for London).
>> * The group meets on IRC at least two times: one to discuss each
>> proposal, and to identify possible problems and points to investigate. In a
>> second and if necessary a third meeting a consensus is reached and
>> communicated on the LGM mailinglists, and consequently on the LGM website.
>> We aim for a decision in the first week of May 2014. Meeting logs and notes
>> are public.
>> What do you think? I'd like to call for a first meeting this week.
> My meeting with PSF people at PyCon can only take place next week (just
> got the confirmation) so I will not have more details to confirm about the
> Montreal proposal in an early meeting this week. However I do believe that
> we have lots of other things on the mechanics of the process that we could
> discuss as preliminary and for that reason I would also support a meeting
> this week, if this is possible.
> An agenda to this meeting would be of great use!
> As a draft for this first meeting: Go through step 1 and 2. Make sure we
> have the people and they are willing to be part of the process. Establish
> our process more clearly. Settle the list of members, set the quorum, etc.
> For #2, make sure the proposals meet the guidelines and if not help those
> people filing the blanks. In other words, make sure we have all bases
> covered and no proposal is left over for technical reasons (unless they
> cannot at all be solved but this seems to be not the case at first sight
> and from the presentations we had at LGM).
> I would also suggest we do this over the week-end. At least for me, I have
> a hard week ahead after being away for a week! ;-)
> Thanks!
> Louis
>> Femke
>> Femke
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>>> Who dat?
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