[LGM] Call for Participation

Gregory Pittman gpittman at iglou.com
Thu Jan 2 16:23:45 PST 2014

As it currently exists, the Call seems a blind sinkhole. Presumably, 
people are making proposals (how many? we don't know)( what kind? we 
don't know).
I wonder at what point there will be some publishing of what is being 
offered/proposed, so that those visiting the site can have a look-see.

I think this should be an aspect of openness, that we communicate what's 
going on as the meeting develops, which will hopefully generate some 
interest, maybe even some feedback about how things are going.

In regard to that last element, maybe there is some capacity to allow 
for some visitor feedback that can be publicly displayed (after some 
moderation?). I don't know how the site works. Let's think about the 
psychology of generating emotional interest in LGM 2014. When we get to 
the point that LGM comes out of a can, and can't be spontaneous, can't 
be reinvented, we're in trouble.

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