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Nathan Willis nwillis at glyphography.com
Fri Jan 3 10:45:41 PST 2014

On Fri, Jan 3, 2014 at 12:16 PM, Gregory Pittman <gpittman at iglou.com> wrote:

> But here is the issue I really want to address -- when I go to the LGM
> 2014 website, it looks rather lifeless. Is this the face we wish to
> present to the intentional visitor, the casual visitor, the
> unintentional visitor? What would make it richer? Some photos? Some info
> about Leipzig? We should be able to cast the net out to the Leipzig
> community to help us become excited about visiting their city!

Some things I have gleaned from other conferences that might help include:

- Posting an entry about any talk submissions that the committee can decide
early will be accepted; there is no bright-line test for deciding what to
post about, but a well-planned submission from someone who is known to be a
reliable speaker is something that could be announced early (and,
secondarily, used as a reminder to others that they should submit talks).

- The same goes for any workshop / seminar style content being planned
(including colocated content before or after, and including exhibitions).
I don't know if there is any in the works yet, but last year that was a
significant part of the overall experience, and it's something that might
appeal to attendees who might not come just for lecture-style talks.

- Posting something about this year's theme and what it means is a good way
to kickstart discussion

- Posting similar information about *last* year's event is also good, and
helps potential newcomers visualize what they could expect at this year's
LGM.  The canonical example of that would be a __brief__ interview/Q&A or
reflection about LGM2013 by an organizer, speaker, or attendee.  It's true
that anyone could hunt down the 2013 site and browse through the program
info, but the idea here is to push information out to people looking at the
2014 site.

- Some information about Leipzig and/or the venue would also be very nice,
and could get people already intending to come more interested in talking
about it.

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