[LGM] Is LGM still on track?

Øyvind Kolås pippin at gimp.org
Sat Jan 4 03:50:59 PST 2014

> corrosive content snipped <

And I am really sad that apparently many nice projects
> haven't been asked if they would like to join us in Leipzig. And since the CFP
> will end in a little over one week I doubt that there is time to reach out
> now.

I wonder where the CFP went? I have personally poked some people I
hope will turn up, that fit more the specified call. But I am also
aware of mailinglists I am on where I would have expected the call to
turn up where it hasn't turned up. It seems like we might have missed
the curation of the list of recipients.

> So instead of discussing if NSA may fund LGM you should really think about the
> job you agreed to do. Organizing LGM isn't just a matter of ranking proposals
> in the end to decide what to accept and be done with it. It's about wanting to
> bring the community forward and make this event happen. Just doing nothing
> will result in a train wreck that will hurt future LGMs for sure.

This is the first year we've tried more distribution of the organization.

Part of the failure here is communication. We've failed to instantiate
regular IRC meetings of the involved distributed teams. My suggetion
has (though probably not in public) been for a regular meetups of
15-60minutes before end of call for content and once a week after
that. Without regular catch-up points like this; responsibility will
evaporate. Particularly when leaderless distributed teams have been

Past LGMs has been driven to an even larger extent by the local
team/coordinating volunteer. With some level of distribution and use
of openish communication channels - we've had a few attacks on the
lack of transparency - though the organization has never been more


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