[LGM] access to the gravity forms lists

Femke Snelting snelting at collectifs.net
Tue Jan 7 22:44:00 PST 2014

Hey Ale,

>> besides that, you would also see all the other formulars what would mean, even thos registrants who chosed not to be shown in public.
> can we reframe a bit the issue?
> currently, it's about giving access to the forms result to people how are involved in the LGM.
> in the specific case, femke and greg asked for an access allowing them to see the list of the talks having been already submitted.
> and, personally, i don't see a problem with it.
> i will prepare and test the access right system to allow a broader access to the forms... and once this discussion has settled, we will know if it's ok to allow the editors to see the forms' entries or not... and i will configure it the way the LGM folks wants to have it.

Thanks for trying to find a workaround -- if it is just for the content-selection team, probably a standard csv-export will suffice?


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