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The local team is talking about pre-/past LGM activities and a thing we at
the moment prefer is the so called Panometer
The there presented picture is 105 meters long and 35 meters high, that's
bigger as the other ones and because of that the biggest panorama picture
in the world. I spoke with some and it looks it is form interest. Somebody
came a while ago to me and asked if it is possible to invite Yadegar Asisi
to LGM as he produces the pictures of course digital and its an interesting
process. But thats not possible he has no time.

At the moment the panorama which is shown is Leipzig 1813 (time of the
battle of the nations) and it is arranged in a way that the viewer looks
from a church tower over the city.

So general question is it from interest? What I could try is that we get
more an tour which explains how the picture is made instead of the
historical things that are shown.

But thats just one offer, for the other day we are not sure. We can stick
in Leipzig as there are many places we can go. Normally we did always
something related to printing, now thats in Leipzig a little bit harder.
Leipzig is related to printing work but more as the market place, so there
is a house of books but it is more related to literature as to how books
are made.

One idea martin had is the Museum der bildenden Künste,
http://www.mdbk.de/nc/en/museum/ as it is related to graphics. Program for
April isnt there yet.

Another idea is to make a day trip as some asked already for Dresden. We
could visit there the other Panometer (which shows the "Canaletto" view of
Dresden not the picture but Dresden at his time) and make a city tour as
well. Thats as group possible as Deutsche Bahn offers special tickets with
them can 5 persons travel the whole day wherever the want to go in the
state and the travel time is only 50 minutes.

So what are the wishes?

br gnokii
make me rich, buy my Inkscape book http://is.gd/yq5OD0 ;)
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