[LGM] [CREATE] Code of Conduct

Hin-Tak Leung hintak at ghostscript.com
Tue Jan 14 18:24:48 PST 2014

I just clicked on the geekfeminism url in the previous e-mail. I apologize
for making quick judgements, but OTOH, if a "code of conduct" statement
is indeed made, and a newcomer is in the position of evaluating whether to
come to a conference based on that statement, that's probably the same amount
of time it would take to persuade/dissuade him/her to come.

Human virtues are good, I am all for fairness and equality, and patriotism, etc.
So my thoughts are simple: does it make sense if you replace the word 'female'
with 'black person', 'Chinese', 'dwarfs', 'your grandmother', or 'Obama'?
At what point does 'fighting for quality' becomes an excuse for demanding
special treatments?

The love of one's country is also a very good virtue, but when you hear news
(this is a real event which happened as recent as just over a year ago) - of a
Chinese smashing the car windows and beating another Chinese passer-by
to the point of comma and possible brain-damage, just for being behind
the wheel of a *Japanese brand* car. The love of animals is a good virtue,
but you also hear people getting hurt and going to hospitals from car bombs,
for working in research places which keep some animals for experiments.

As one other commenter said, the statement is also a reflection of the
atmosphere expected, etc. I'd rather suggest one stay away from special
treatments, over-compensations, and sexual/racial/political extremisms.

You can't pull the 'white male privilege' card on me :-).

On Wed, 15/1/14, Dave Crossland <dave at lab6.com> wrote:

 On 14 Jan 2014 15:51, "Hin-Tak Leung" <hintak at ghostscript.com>
 > Hmm, I rather think some of the geekfeminism content
 material is rather extreme and make me uncomfortable.
 The whole site has a lot of stuff. Are you
 referring specifically to the coc template that is written
 to have bits you don't want elided?
 > The way I see these matters on equality
 and etc is this: does the paragraphs make sense if you
 replace every instance of the word "female" by
 "black person", "Chinese",
 "dwarf", "Obama" or "Geek", or
 "Your grandmother"? or another specific group of

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