[LGM] Who shall receive info at libregraphicsmeeting.org?

Tobias Ellinghaus houz at gmx.de
Wed Jan 15 11:30:53 PST 2014

Hello everyone,

today and last week we discussed creating a mail address 
info at libregraphicsmeeting.org. The point we would like to get more input was 
who the recipient(s) should be. Basically there were two ideas:

1) Forward the mails to this list. The benefit would be that it's guaranteed 
that someone will read the mails in a timely manner. The bad thing would be 
that some might use that address to discuss sensitive or private matters which 
should certainly not end up on a mailing list that gets archived on the web.

2) Only a small-ish circle of people receives these mails. Pros and cons are 
the opposites of the ones mentioned for 1).

So everyone, please give some input.

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