[LGM] Who shall receive info at libregraphicsmeeting.org?

Tobias Ellinghaus houz at gmx.de
Thu Jan 16 11:37:34 PST 2014

Am Donnerstag, 16. Januar 2014, 15:43:55 schrieb ale rimoldi:
> hi


> as already stated on irc, i'm for having an info@ that forwards to this
> list.
> for somebody outside of the organization this would be the official
> way to get in touch with the organization.
> that way, the people involved in the organization can discuss who is
> going to answer and what is to be answered.
> i guess -- and hope -- that in most cases this will be done in the form
> of a mail stating that the sender is going to answer, what he is going
> to answer and eventually asking the people who are against it to step
> up.
> this should allow a good transparency and make it likely that mails get
> answered in a timely manner.
> concerning the sensitive mails: if somebody wants to discuss a topic
> with us, that should not be archived on the web, he / she can simply
> drop a mail to info@ asking to get in touch with him / her... or find
> the private address of any of organizers (by browsing the list of the
> current organizers and finding the corresponding email addresses... or
> by browsing the archives of this same list).

We have to state that the mails go to the list then. On the website, next to 
the mailto: link.

> currently we already have a dedicated @gmail address that goes to
> selected people, but it's always painful to make sure that the relevant
> people get the mails, it's not clear who is getting the mail at all and
> -- last but not least -- if somebody at all is reading the mails sent to
> that address!

Anything but a mail address with the hostname of the website behind the @ 
looks a little unprofessional. And having such a mail can be done even if we 
put individuals on a contact page. info@ can be used first in that list as a 
default fallback, and in the site footer and similar places. It can also be 
used as the From of outgoing mail, ...

> voilà, that was my input...
> have a nice day
> a.l.e

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