[LGM] The LGM website

ale rimoldi a.l.e at ideale.ch
Thu Jan 16 15:01:17 PST 2014


> > - The forms plugin installed (Gravity Forms) not only is a
> >   commercial plugin that we should pay for each year, but it's also
> > the best solution available for WP and is not good enough for us
> >   (no granular access to the forms).
> >
> The Gravity Form cost $39 per year, something we can afford.

i've asked, who was ready to pay for it. nobody stepped up.

and i was not ready to pay for it.

so i had to spend a couple of hours to fix some bugs and
incompatibilities with the newer PHP / Wordpress.

> I am not sure to understand what "granular access" is. I know you can
> select fields to be downloaded but I have a sense that this is not
> what you mean here. Can you tell me what this is?

you can't give (different) access to a specific (group of) user(s) to
each form.
not in the version we have nor in the newest version (according to what
i have read in the forums).

one other problem that i have not mentioned, is that Gravity Forms does
not (really) allow to integrate the content of the forms entries into
the rest of the WP site.
what i did for getting the list of participants is an undocumented low
level hack.
it does work ok once it's setup, but it's not very efficient.

Gravity Form user interface for putting together the forms is really
well done, this is the part you have seen. but all the rest is
rather deceiving.

And it's some sort of closed source, so no chance to improve it in the

there must be a better way to manage forms and lists!


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