[LGM] The LGM website

ale rimoldi a.l.e at ideale.ch
Thu Jan 16 15:21:47 PST 2014


> > Since it seems that nobody likes the Wordpress that is currently
> > installed on the server, we need to remove it before next year's
> > LGM.
> I'm perfectly fine with WP and would for one appreciate if you didn't
> overreact. Is there a list of issues with WP to look at and discuss
> in a productive manner?

i don't think that i'm overracting.

wordpress is a tool that can do most, if not everything, we need in an
ok way, but nothing of if really in a good way.

we hit its limits each time we have a task to achieve. both on the
administrator and the user side.

and i'm not ready anymore to defend it against users that feel it's not
good enough.

let's face the fact, that WP is a huge blogging system that can do lot
of things but does not seem to excel in any task -- maybe except

for the last few years, there was nobody who had the time to blog on the
lgm site. so: why do we use a blogging system?
(to the defense of the people who have chosen WP for the LGM: IIRC the
first year that it was in use, those people were then regularly writing
blog posts. before and during the LGM)

i've been managing two wordpress sites for several years and i'm mostly
happy with the way it works.
if you're comfortable with the idea that you will have to patiently
work you're way through the limits, it's an ok solution.

if the users are happy with it, no reason to change.

but if the acceptance of the users is not there, as an administrator
you're screwed: it's really a system that can make people unhappy.

and this year it seems to make unhappy each of the users who are
supposed to interact with the editing part of the system.

so, i reiterate my proposition to look for a good tool for managing the
websites, a good tool to manage the lists/forms and one for the
information management.

it's not written anywhere that we should use only one tool for
everything nor that the tool must be the blogging platform wordpress.


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