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Thu Jan 16 20:59:12 PST 2014

17 янв. 2014 г. 3:23 пользователь "ale rimoldi" <a.l.e at ideale.ch> написал:
> hi
> > > Since it seems that nobody likes the Wordpress that is currently
> > > installed on the server, we need to remove it before next year's
> > > LGM.
> >
> > I'm perfectly fine with WP and would for one appreciate if you didn't
> > overreact. Is there a list of issues with WP to look at and discuss
> > in a productive manner?
> i don't think that i'm overracting.

You are using a lot of generalizations like "noone likes..." while you
simply have not enough information to make a judgement, as two people have
already demonstrated to you. That _is_ overreaction.

If you are absolutely sure that CF7 isn't capable of what you need Gravity
Forms for (I haven't compared them myself in more than a few aspects I
cared for), then next year I'm willing to pay for GF. Or, if we need GF
this year for anything, then this year as well. Just get back to me after
the 25th.

Are there any other horrible insolvable issues with WP like this one that
need to be taken care of?

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