[LGM] The LGM website

Ale a at 60rpm.tv
Sat Jan 18 03:09:42 PST 2014

Hi all. First time I write into this list. Be kind. ; )
Our team (wwb--hackitectura) can host LGM website, it's a light one. We 
usually work with Drupal and all the tasks and needs that you are 
pointing out in this discussión can be easily achieved with this cms 
without any non-free plugin. We have nodejs and ruby installed in the 
server so the other alternatives you have pointed out by the way 
(jekyll, docpad) are possible.
I only wanted to point out this feasible solution. One problematic issue 
I'm thinking about, common to all alternatives to the wp, would be to 
find a good solution to migrate all the historic information of the 
event to the new software. Migration is always a pain.
Regards and thank you very much for the hard work you all are doing 
supporting free alternatives in the graphic/creative world.
Pd.: what is OWANCS??

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