[LGM] LGM website, from the external point of view

ale rimoldi a.l.e at ideale.ch
Thu Jan 30 07:41:43 PST 2014


> I don't mind writing this, and my current permissions will let me
> write a new post - so I can start on this.
> The bigger issue is if the WP theme will support this, and how to set
> it up to show this way.  (I don't want to be the guy who breaks the
> website :) ).

i've finally found out how the used theme is outputting that sticky
post... and now, when the featured post is sticky it's kindly rendered
in full length.

louis and pat: please edit the sticky post louis has created to have
good content and -- if possible -- add pictures!

(hint: now the pictures in the sticky post should normally show.
for the normal posts, please set the featured image (it's the last entry
in the right column of the edit post page))


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