[LGM] this is now a members only list... and everybody can be a member

ale rimoldi a.l.e at ideale.ch
Thu Nov 20 11:21:58 PST 2014

dear LGMers

as we have announced in a previous email, this mailing list is now
members only.

of course: everybody can be a member!

the reason for this change, is that the administrators are getting
several mails per day to moderate, and all of them are spam.
we can't moderate per email, but have to login into the mailman console
to reject the spam.

on the other side, we don't get any spam from people who made the step
to register to the mailing list.

people who are not registered will get the following automatic


if you have suggestions, how we could improve the notice, please add
your comments to the ticket or reply to this email.

i wish you all a wonderful evening

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