[LGM] Website program page bugs

Øyvind Kolås pippin at gimp.org
Tue Apr 21 13:43:53 PDT 2015

On Tue, Apr 21, 2015 at 9:02 PM, ale rimoldi <a.l.e at ideale.ch> wrote:
>> 3. When I click the details + links, the URL becomes eg
>> http://libregraphicsmeeting.org/2015/program/##kelvin-ma-creating-textbook-grade-svg-illustrations-for-wikipedia
>> - is it correct to have two # ?
> ... at least by design...

Side effect of the links per talk handling having been added with only
changes to the front-end js code, and not the backend which generates
the HTML. The extra # already being present in the HTML coming from
the backend as at the start of name='#' attributes, not sure if many
people have been using the functionality and sharing URIs on more than
ephemeral mediums like IM. Another issue with the URLs is encoding,
since some names or titles of talks aren't just ASCII characters;
perhaps just use some other identifier rather than the presenter and

/Øyvind K.

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