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ale a at 414c45.net
Fri Jul 14 12:07:21 UTC 2017

Hi there!
We've started to craft a formal proposal here (lovely tool, btw, Ale)

Please share your comments, objections, etc. Let's foresee any possible
issue. These days are a bit complicated for me, but I think we'll have a
complete document for the beginning of next week.

the other Ale. :)

On 14/07/17 07:34, ale rimoldi wrote:
> hi
> we had a nice and useful LGM meeting yesterday evening.
> currently, the only candidate for organizing the next LGM is still
> sevilla.
> we agreed that "the other" ale should submit a formal proposal by the
> end of this month and we will take a decision on the sevilla bid at the
> beginning of august.
> (more details in the irc meeting protocol sent by tobias)
> it's only in the case that we decide that the proposal is not solid
> enough, that basel will jump in as a last chance.
>> Ale R., are you in a position yet to submit a formal proposal?
> by far not.
> i will start checking basel when it's clear that there is no candidate
> for the lgm 2018.
> basel is an emergency solution, not a candidate.
> but there are people who already expressed they support for basel and
> also who offered to help out!
> and i'm confident that we can find something and organize a nice and
> "small" LGM.
>> I'd
>> like to get this all buttoned up so that we can start planning and
>> raising money.
> please, start now planning the money found raising.
> it's almost sure that next year there will be an LGM!
> have a wonderful day
> a.l.e
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