[LGM] lgm 2018: a B. town as a B-plan?

ale rimoldi ale at graphicslab.org
Thu Jun 8 21:07:45 UTC 2017


> I'm not trying to keep others from pursuing these prospects, just
> saying that I'm doing my part. I'd prefer to have an event with a
> local host, anyway, rather than me hosting 8,000 miles from home.

and myself i don't plan to be a "real" candidate for the lgm 2018.
i only propose a b-plan.
to make sure that an lgm happens in 2018 at all.

if anybody else has a project, it will for sure be better than what i
can set up.
(ok, i think i can setup an ok lgm... but i really don't feel the need
of being the main organizer for the next LGM! if somebody else does it,
i'm more than happy to give way!)


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