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What alternative service should be used this year?
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Dear davelab6,
My name is Mark Daggett. I started Pledgie.com along with Garry Dolley a
decade ago as a way for people to quickly and easily raise money for causes
they cared about. I am writing you to let you know that Pledgie will cease
operations on February 8, 2018. At that point the site will enter an
archive mode and you will not be able to create new campaigns, or edit
existing ones.

When we started Pledgie, crowdfunding wasn’t even a term yet, and it would
be several years until sites like Kickstarter, and GoFundMe would come
online. In that regard Pledgie was part of the new frontier in online fund
raising and many of you were homesteaders along with us in this new world.
I am very thankful that we took this journey together.

Garry and I never intended for Pledgie to become a business. It was
conceived mostly as a social experiment to find a platform to allow people
to help one another. Over the last decade we purposely kept the site’s fees
at, or near a breakeven point. Our only goal was to connect people who were
in need, with others that wanted to help. In our own small way we all made
the world a better place though Pledgie.

However, as the site has grown we’ve reached a point where we would need
significant investments of time and money to keep it going. After much soul
searching I have decided that it is best to end on a high note, and give
you the opportunity to move your campaigns to other platforms. It is not
hyperbole when I tell you that being a co-founder of Pledgie is one of the
biggest honors of my life. I will lose a little piece of myself when this
site goes offline, but I am proud to have started and now finished this
journey with you all.

Be kind to one another, and thank you for everything,
Mark Daggett
Co-founder of Pledgie.com
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