[LGM] Visa Documents required for attending LGM 2018

Aniketh Gireesh anikethgireesh at gmail.com
Wed Mar 14 12:29:43 UTC 2018


I'm Aniketh Girish from India. I have been accepted as a speaker for LGM,
speaking about Krita and Alejandro had been in contact with me.

I was trying to get my visa procedure done as soon as possible so that, I
will get some time to rectify if any faults happen. Hence, to do so, I have
arranged an appointment in the visa application center for next week to
submit all the required documents.

In order to do so, I would also require an invitation letter in the Spanish
language as well according to [0]. Further, being a person, who hasn't been
into Spain, I'm not aware of the hotel booking and other stuff regarding
accommodation. I have to take care of the submitting the documents related
to my accommodation as well and it would be really helpful if you could get
me an itinerary of the hotel booking nearby the place where the conference
is being held just as to submit the documents for the visa.

Further, I have discussed with Alejandro about the reimbursement and other
matters too. I haven't been to Spain or neither into Europe, I wished if
LGM could plan my travel and get my tickets for me if possible. This would
be really helpful.

Please do let me know about this as soon as possible, so that I could move
things faster at my end as well :)

[0] - https://india.blsspainvisa.com/pdf/checklist-mumbai-business.pdf

Aniketh Girish
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