[LGM] on using libre graphics software and creating free content

Frank Trampe frank.trampe at gmail.com
Tue Mar 26 17:13:21 UTC 2019

Hi, Ale.

I think that it's reasonable to expect to be able to consume event-related
content using free software, but asking that no proprietary software be
involved in its creation and distribution is a bit unreasonable,
particularly since our hosts work within a larger organization in which
they do not necessarily set policy. I consider us fortunate to have found a
hosting team, and such a great one at that. For all of the work they have
done, I could not in good conscience ask them to spend extra time
recreating content that is already valid and accessible.

On Tue, Mar 26, 2019 at 11:55 AM ale rimoldi <ale at graphicslab.org> wrote:

> dear lgmers,
> dear local organizers,
> after having read the announce for the detailed scheduled being
> published, i had a look at the website and did a routine check. on that
> i already did in the past for other LGM sites.
> nothing really bad could be found, of course, but i've made a finding
> that won't award me much love from the local organizers.
> but it needs to be said:
> at least two of the main assets on the website have not been created
> with free software (i have checked three documents: none of them were
> created with free software).
> please, local organizers, do use free software for producing your
> artworks and your documents!
> and put the them explicitly under free content licenses!
> and only use resources that are free, not just for free.
> opening them with free software and re-saving them with a new signature
> is the strict minimum, but -- to be honest -- i would expect you to ask
> the person who created them to restart the work from scratch with
> free software (of course he/she can keep all the ideas he / she had!)
> i know that it is painful, but, please, go back to the starting blocks
> and recreate the graphics with free software.
> and, please only use free software for all future documents!
> (all of them: jpg, png, svg, pdf, mp4, ...)
> i would have thought, it's obvious that the documents created
> by the organizers of the LGM for the LGM will be produced with free
> software but it seems that it's not the case.
> ... we probably need to add a "local organizer requirements" in
> http://libregraphicsmeeting.org/lgm/public-documentation/ (lgm setup)
> with this requirement listed.
> any suggestion, what else should be in there?
> (i will create the page later...)
> back to the local organizers in saarbr├╝cken: if you need help on
> using our programs, don't hesitate to ask in here or in our support
> channels/forums/mailing lists!
> sorry for the bad vibes... i still love you all...
> a.l.e
> p.s.: i think that i did the same request in the past to at least one
> other local organizer team and they "happily" complied. thanks to
> them! since we decided for a more open communication, this time i'm
> making the request in public... i hope not to shock too many people.
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