[LGM] on using libre graphics software and creating free content

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Tue Mar 26 19:41:14 UTC 2019

Dear Ale,

On Tue, 2019-03-26 at 17:54 +0100, ale rimoldi wrote:
> please, local organizers, do use free software for producing your
> artworks and your documents!
> and put the them explicitly under free content licenses!
> and only use resources that are free, not just for free.
> opening them with free software and re-saving them with a new
> signature is the strict minimum, but -- to be honest -- i would
> expect you to ask the person who created them to restart the work
> from scratch with free software (of course he/she can keep all the
> ideas he / she had!)

With the exclusion of logos and artworks by third parties, I could see
re-saving files so they present a better picture of LGM. Some sort of
automated script would be useful for that sort of thing.

But it would be a late and aggressive to expect all artworks already
made to be remade from scratch. This is bolting the horse when the
stable door has run away... It's puritanism where preparatory education
would have been better. Better for the people who get to learn Free
Software tools from experts and better for us to not look like either
hypocritics or like religious zealots. (see attached graph)

I would also point out that instead of making these artworks teaching
moments for users and developers, you've gone and blamed the victims.
i.e. these creators are not bad for using propitiatory tools, no, their
schools and their businesses are bad for teaching and then requiring
these tools.

In the end I'd rather someone understood fully and supported Free
Software but used Illustrator reluctantly. Then used Inkscape and was
completely ignorant of why it's an important social good.

With Regards, Martin Owens
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