[LGM] on using libre graphics software and creating free content

ale rimoldi ale at graphicslab.org
Tue Mar 26 22:08:46 UTC 2019

dear martin

for sure there are many different reasons to be part of the libre
graphics meeting.

unitl now, promoting and using free software has been an important one,
and i don't think it's so odd to assume that the organizers -- global
and local -- are using the same free software we are promoting.
at least when they are producing artworks for the LGM itself!

really, it should not be necessary to write it down as a rule nor
somebody should keep an eye on what the others are doing.

now, i really don't want to put too much burden on the local organizer
but, i expect them to find a solution and fix the current situation.

i'm fine if they pragmatically re-save the existing files with free
it's not the best solution. but it's not the end of the world either.
(it just feels a bit like cheating...)

currently, as far as i know, only two files are concerned
(of course, there might be more files that are not published on the
website yet).

one of them is trivial to redo: it's the list of sponsors.
and it's not much of an issue if it's just re-saved.

the other one, is the logo.
this is -- in my eyes -- a more delicate topic, since it's a big part
of the visual identity of the lgm.
as you write, there are many aspects to consider, but i'm not really
comfortable with the idea that the logo of this year's LGM is not made
with one of the free software tools that we are promoting.
i can live with it, of course, but it would not be a bad exercise for
the graphic designer to recreate it with inkscape and learn a new tool
(it won't probably take too much time and redoing it will create a
new story behind it).

on the other side, i think that we can now expect k8 to find a way
to produce the future documents (at least the graphics oriented ones)
with free software. if they need it, with the help of the global
if their graphic designer is not able or does not want to use free
software, we might need to ask in our communities, if there is somebody
who can help out and produce the artworks they need.

i'm no zealot nor extremist and i don't plan to further check the
files published by k8, but, on the other side, now i expect them to be
aware that there is a need for action and they they should find a
solution that matches their possibilities and respects the spirit of the

really, i will never force anybody to use any specific software (as you
say: we don't want sad designers being forced to use an inkscape they
don't like), but there must be a way to get the artworks for the LGM to
be done with free software!
we managed to do it in the past years and there is no reason why it
should not be possible to achieve it this year!
(and it has not always been easy in the past, either)

have  a wonderful night

p.s.: i'm not blaming the victims at all: the graphic designers have
made the work they have been told to do.
you're probably digging too far into my thoughts and attribute me
intents that i have never thought of.
basically, i'm not blaming anybody. but i feel that we have a problem
and we have to find a solution.

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