[LGM] Prepare for LGM2021

La Ra lab_web at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 7 15:01:11 UTC 2020

Hi Danishka,

Great to hear from you!
> 01. What's the process to create artworks and event web?
> Is it done by LGM community itself or local community (hosting party) 
> has to manage it?
> Having artwork early means, we can use it for early 
> promotions/awareness during local events.

All visual identity and website was made by the local organisers in the 
past. Normally this is several months before the actual event, but if 
you are ready to work on it now, probably even better. We can advise for 
sure should you feel stuck or need help.

> 02. Is it possible to join the ongoing planning activities of LGM2020 
> to understand what's LGM process?
> or you can join our monthly meetings (for now we have planning 
> meetings first Sunday of each month starting from February 2020).
> Both myself and Kalpa have been attended FUDcon events and also 
> organized FAD events of Fedora community. But we need to know if the 
> LGM is following similar model and what are the different areas.
Not only it is possible, but it is expected that local orgs from the 
following LGM take part in organising - apologies if that was not clear 
in previous communication. This involvement happens at our regular IRC 
meetings (every 2 weeks), I think the next one is coming up next 
Wednesday. It is organised by local orgs. Rennes team will confirm 

Hope this helps.



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