[LGM] Some thoughts on if people aren't permitted to travel

Julien Deswaef juego at requiem4tv.com
Tue Mar 17 15:40:12 UTC 2020

On 3/16/20 19:24, Nathan Willis wrote:
> Hi all,
> Obviously it's be preferable if travel & daily life are all totally back 
> to normal by the time of LGM this year — but, even if that's true for 
> *most* people, it's certainly not going to be true for 100% of the people.
> Which got me wondering, would the video-savvy folks in the community be 
> able to help out with some advice / configuration / templating that 
> speakers can use to home-record a talk session?
> I've seen a few other conferences take a swipe at onlinifying their 
> events, but it's not my area of expertise. So, for example, I know how 
> to install OBS, but I don't actually use it. Having some "use these 
> basic scene setups" and "test this configuration in a practice shoot" 
> would be really valuable....
> (But I only proposed lightning talks anyway; OBS might not even be the 
> right choice for somebody who had 30 or 60 minutes to fill.)
> Just interested to hear what everyone else thinks!
> Nate

Hello Nate

I think it's a good discussion to start having, indeed.

And I'm not going to answer your question directly as I don't have a lot 
of experience with OBS. But I was intrigued by a video presentation from 
one of those persons that goes around the world doing tech talks for a 
living and who can't do this at the moment.

Now, he uses some proprietary hardware and software in this 
presentation, so a word of caution for those who would not like to see 
that, but the video raises quite a few valid questions to make 
remote-whatever (workshops, lightning talks, quizz, etc.) more engaging. 
(To be clear, I do not necessarily agree with the solutions he is 


I'm sure we could do similar things with OBS (every Twitch user does 
amazing things with OBS) and other FOSS tools if we put our brains up to it.



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